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Infotech Interview Experience - March 11th, 2014

Hello friends,

I'm from SWEC college. We had a ONCAMPUS drive of INFOTECH on 11th March. I'm feeling glad to share about placement paper and my interview experience with you all.

Firstly we had a written test which consists of 30 questions from aptitude, logical, verbal and 30 questions are basics of all core subjects like C, C++, JAVA, DBMS. Aptitude topics are mainly from areas, boats and streams, pipes and cisterns, functions, probability, time & work, numbers, ages. Aptitude must be solved quickly as it is a bit time taking. Verbal and reasoning are easy. Technical questions are only the basics.

Out of 200 nearly 20 cleared the written test.

Coming to my technical interview my interviewer was very helpful. The questions asked was mostly from basics of C, C++, CORE JAVA, DBMS, OS. He mostly asked questions based on the topics written in my RESUME. So prepare your resume so that you must be able to answer each and every corner listed in your resume.

He asked me to write 2 basic programs of C (FIBONACCI, code for MATRIX DETERMINANT). Also he asked me 1 question from ADV JAVA but I said "I don't know", and he said thats ok no problem. So you have to be very confident and frank in front of them.

C-searching & sorting techniques, strings.

OS-CPU Scheduling algorithms, Threads with Life Cycle, Paging concepts.

DBMS-Normalization with 5 normal forms, Locks.

C++, JAVA-Features of C++ and JAVA.

Mostly I answered him by implementing every answer on the paper by explaining him like in the real time how particular task works rather than answering in definitions. I think by that my interviewer got impressed.

Out of 20 only 2 cleared Technical interview (I am one among 2).

Finally my technical interviewer said that I can go for HR round. And the HR round got winded up in 2min. They asked me to introduce myself and asked whether I would like to go to the testing Dept. Or for Developing Dept. And I answered them like I'm comfortable with any Dept. And the results were announced in a couple of minutes and only myself and the one more girl got selected. And I'm very happy.

So finally I would suggest everyone to be confident, frank.