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Hewitt Associates
Category : IT / Software
Website : http://www.hewitt.com
Headquarter : Lincolnshire, Illinois, United States
Founded : Lake Fores
Employees : ~29,000
Founder(s) :

Selection Procedure of Hewitt Associates -

hi guys n gals....
    i would like to share my experience which i gained redardn HEWITT 's selection process

 10th,12th - abv 60%
 B.E/B.TECH- abv65%

 1.Written test
 2.Two technical rounds (L1 & L2)
 3.Hr round

  lets get in detail wit each process...
   I belong to EASWARI engineering college (ece)..The HEWITT hiring drive was conducted on june4th-2010 at SRM auditorium,it was a combined placement drive for SRM,EASWARI & VALLIAMMAI. the written test consists of 60 questions comprising of quants,verbal and logical topics as usual .the questions were average and one could solve them if able to understand the information given in each question in a abstract way.The cutoff is usually set between 38-45.
A little more than 500 students attended the test and 218 of them cleared it..

   About the interview process,the interview was conducted at the Hewitt premises located at olympia tech park,guindy..for me the date allocated for the technical rounds was 8thjune-2010.

TECH ROUND (L1)...it was a long interview which lasted about 45mins to 1hr..they generally test on query,dbms,C,C++ ,java and software testing...since i was frm the ece stream i was tested on mainly C and software testing,data structures,and the very basics in java......the interview person was of a friendly nature and cool type...she also asked few puzzles....tis is one of the major elimination round..only 42 students cleard from 218 students.

TECH ROUND (L2)...this round was a combination of HR and TECH....the interview person asked some common questions like about urself,strengths, some concepts in C,she asked me to pendown few programs..in this round the number of eliminations was of a meager no ,36 students were shorlisted frm tis round..and the interview person informed us that we'll be getting the call for the date of HR round

HR ROUND...i got a call frm the hr on 11thjune and he asked me to b present at thr company premises on 12thjune...the HR round was easy..they jus test the communication skills...the results wer announced soon after the hr round was finsd....35 were finally selected....

   im glad i made it into HEWITT
the training salary is 2.3lpa(fr 6months)
after the training the pay is 2.9lpa
and thers a BOND for one yr too...and my joining date was assigned july15th...

 tin my experiences would be useful to u in sumway or the other...

              keep cool ppl...............................ANAND.K