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HCL Comnet
Category : IT / Software
Website : http://hclcomnet.com
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Selection Procedure of HCL Comnet -


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HCL Comnet Latest  Selection Procedure HCL Comnet

Four Sections

1. PPT

2. Written Test

English-20 questions: 15 Minutes

3. Communication Assessment Round

4. Technical Interview

5. HR Interview

1.  Hour  Candidates who have cleared AMCAT  selected

2. Written Test

English-20 questions :15 Minutes

Simple Test  basic knowledge of grammar is enough

3. Communication Assessment Round

People sitting around a round table and one person is there talking this round.

Introduce yourself

What yo do in your spare time

Why would you like to join HCL

Explain answers in great manner

4.Technical Interview

Some basic Technical questions only

5. HR Interview

About  yourself

Why should join HCL

Family background


If you fail in a task what  will do etc.,