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Godrej Infotech
Category : IT / Software
Website : http://www.godrejinfotech.com
Headquarter : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Founded : 1999
Employees :
Founder(s) :

Selection Procedure of Godrej Infotech -


There is very much need of Godrej Infotech Placement Paper for Mumbai candidate. And we find lack of information about it.I attend godrej test on 16-03 I am not able to clear it but I am giving some information about paper which help the others.Also test may be on english

One Of my friend also attend godrej info. test in college there are three test

1.  Apti+Technical

2.  Objective Eng

3.  Subjective eng(writting skills)

Hope this info will help someone Because I search a lot but not getting any information before test