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General Electric
Category : IT / Software
Website : http://www.ge.com
Headquarter : Fairfield, Connecticut, U.S
Founded : Schenectad
Employees : 301,000
Founder(s) :

Selection Procedure of General Electric -


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GE Placement papers Questions with solutions |GE Aptitude, Quantitative ,Logical Reasoning,  Technical,  C,C++  Questions

GE Selection Process Consists 3 sections

GE Hiring Process includes 

1.Written Test (Aptitude & Technical) (On line written Test)
a) Aptitude

b) Technical 

2. Technical Interview (elimination)

3.HR Interview

GE Written Test consists both Technical and Aptitude
GE Written Test
No of Questions 60
Time Limit-45
a)GE Aptitude Test consists 50 Question

  • Areas to concentrate
  • Number Series
  • Age Average
  • Ratio Variation Proportion
  • Cock Calendar
  • Area of Triangle ,Menstruation
  • Equations
  • Simple and Compound Interest etc..,
  • boats and streams, revolutions of wheel, figure guessing, to find odd one out. Coding and decoding, probability.

b)GE Technical Written Test
Questions on Testing mainly-10 Questions
Basic concepts of C and C++

Other streams
STRENGTH OF MATERIALS. shear stress. principal stresses, hoop stress, load buckling, matrix based calculation of stress.
whole test based on numerical which are not complex ones, displacement based,

Heat Transfer and thermal: 10 questions in 20 min
1.Dimensionless numbers, thermal diffusivity,convection,conduction,fuels.
Try to go for solving numericals .
In Technical paper, as name suggests that it was completely on stress calculations. Simple numericals on hoop stress, formula for equavalent bending moment, principle stress diagram was given that sigma1=200Mpa, 
sigma2=-100Mpa and find pricipal strain?(E=250Mpa,nu=0.25). One diagram was given which was having steel and copper and options were given to choose which material will be subjected to tension and compression. 
Simple question on springs, spring has stiffness ok, if the spring was cut into 2 pieces what about the stiffness.

2 GE Technical Interview

Technical Interview is an elimination round
Almost all Technical Questions

3 GE HR Interview 

As unusual HR Questions
About Thesis
About company etc...,