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Ramco Systems
Category : IT / Software
Website : http://www.ramco.com/
Headquarter : India
Founded : 1999
Employees :
Founder(s) :

Selection Procedure of Ramco Systems -

Q. Does company have its own form or uses standard placement form?
A. Standard placement form is used by company for shortlisting.

Q. Does company apply the shortlist to the resumes submitted?
A. Yes, the shortlist is sometimes depending on number of the resumes submitted.

Q. Is the shortlist qualifying in nature or eliminatory (merit based)?
A. Shortlist is merit based and qualifying.

Q. What is normally the ratio of shortlist. (i.e. how many people are shortlisted vs. applied)?
A. Generally shortlist is activated and all get through.

Q. Is there advantage for work ex guys?
A. People with relevant work ex have an advantage.

Q. Is there a leaning towards particular background of students in the shortlist?
A. Yes, engineering background is preferred.

Q. Does grad matter in the shortlist?
A. No, grades do not matter.

Q. What role does extra-curricular activities plays in the shortlist process?
A. Somwhat Important but not critically important.

Q. What qualities should the candidate highlight in his/her resume?
A. Strong on technical fundamentals.

Q. What is the biggest mistake a candidate can make in his/her resume?
A. Mistake would not be highlighting the above qualities.

Written Test

There is no written test in the recruitment process.

Group Discussions

Selection process of Ramco does not have any GD.

Case Studies

Case studies are not conducted.

Group situation

The group situations not a part of selection process.

Preliminary Interview

There is no interview before the final Interview.

Final Interview

Q. What is the duration of interview /number of panelists?
A. The Final Interview lasts for around 30 minutes and there are generally two Interview panelist.

Q. How does the interview start?
A. There is no particular fixed setup but generally starts by questions on the summer project.

Q. What types of questions are asked in the interview?
A. Be prepared to answer the questions on ERP, BPR and other related areas. Apart from ERP & BPR, there are usual personal question and summers.

Q. Does company create situations akin to 'stress interview'?
A. No, Interview is held in a very relaxed ambience.

Q. Is company trying to test the candidate's integrity?
A. No

Q. What do you think the company trying to assess in the candidate during the interview?
A. Can you manage life in South India and will stay back long enough

Q. What type of environment is there during the interview?
A. Interview is held in a relaxed atmosphere.

Q. What type of dress code is suitable for the company?
A. A formal dress code is most suitable.

Q. How does the interview end?
A. No particular fixed end.

Q. Are interview questions repeated by the company?
A. No, questions are not repeated by the company.

Q. How can a candidate better prepare himself for the interview?
A. Background in ERP and BPR, Prepare thoroughly these two topics and you will get through.

Q. Does company make spot offer during the interview?
A. Yes. Spot offers are made.

Q. What is the biggest mistake a candidate can make during the interview?
A. By appearing disinterested and not reacting with enthusiasm.

Higher entry

Q. Does company consider higher entry for the candidates with work ex?
A. Candidates with relevant work experience are taken at higher level.

Q. Does company apply any cut off for the work ex or age
A. No. there is no cut off.

Q. What is the difference between entry level of people with and without work ex?
A. People with relevant work experience start with higher pay and reduced probation period.

Q. In giving the weightage does company look for relevant work ex?
A. Yes, weightage is given to relevant work experience( like shop floor work ex or some functional work ex. for the position of business analyst.


Q. What is the total compensation offered by the company at entry level? and after confirmation?
A. Compensation offered by Ramco is Rs. 2.4 Lakhs.

Q. Is salary negotiable?
A. Salary is not negotiable, but people with relevant experience can give it a try.

Q. Does company provide accommodation?
A. No.

Q. What are the job locations? initially / after confirmation?
A. Chennai