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Category : IT / Software
Website : http://www.cdac.in
Headquarter : Pune, India
Founded : 1988
Employees :
Founder(s) :

Selection Procedure of CDAC -

C-DAC Written Test Procedures| C-DAC Latest 2011-2012 Selection Procedures

C-DAC Placement Paper Preparations|| C-DAC Project Engineers Questions

CDAC On-Line written Test Consists Aptitude Reasoning Verbal Ability and Engg Topics

1 C-DAC Aptitude Test 

No of Questions :20
Important Topics to Concentrate
Mixtures and alligations,Series,coding decoding etc...,

In English
paragraph questions-5
Critial Reasoning-5
Fill inthe blanks wid suitable words-5

                C-DAC Aptitude,Reasoning and Verbal Ability Practice Tests
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II C-DAC C programming Questions


1.Tests theory of “c”.

2. Problems that involves pointers & strings.

3. Questions on function calling, conditional operators, hierarchy of logical AND& logical OR.

4.DLD, Micro Processors, Data communications, computer organization

The quality of questions was extremely good.


1.Questions on coding, the term “excess code” appeared a number of times,
2.Question on basic term radix. e.g which coding is best suitable for complement operation.
3.What is the minimum no.NAND gates that are required to implement a given Boolean expression?
4.Treatment of logic gates wih high or low enable inputs, there was a term “floaing point “ that appeared in context with o/p of logic gates..
5. Questions from combinational &sequential circuits.
6.Performance parameters of various digtal logic families (all sorts of TTL,ECL,IIL,MOS,CMOS).
7.Basic questions from microprocessor that involves the topics interrupt, interrupt handling , addressing modes.


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Computer Science /IT :

* Java / JEE development with RDBMS such as Oracle / My SQL/ PostgreSql.

* Frameworks such as SEAM / SPRING.

* Report Designing and Generation Tools such as Ireports & Jasper / Kugar.

* Rich User Interface development using Flex / AJAX.
* Linux Operating system and shell scripting.

* Embedded system programming preferably with IDEs like Code composer Studio.

Knowledge in (Desirable):

* Rational Tools: Requisite Pro, Rational Software Architect, Rational Quality Manager.

* Health Care and Hospital Management applications.

* Data Mining, Knowledge Management and Enterprise Portals.


* Experience in PCB Assembly using SMD, fine pitch SMD devices, CSP, & BGA ICs, Programming of Pick and Place
Machine for automatic assembly and re-flow soldering, Rework on BGA & SMD boards.

* Experience in Schematic capture and Multi-layer High Speed Digital, Mixed signal and RF PCB Design using Orcad,
Cadstar, Cadence etc. Experience in Signal Integrity Analysis & Impedance control process.

* Experience in the design of Digital Electronics circuits. Testing and trouble shooting of DSP, Microprocessor and
Micro controller based boards and equipment.

* Experience in testing of RF circuits using Spectrum Analyzer, RF Signal Generators, Noise figure Meter, Vector
Analyzer, Vector signal generator etc.

* Experience in design tools for CPLD. Preferably using Xilinx ISE.

* Experience in installing, configuring & troubleshooting CAT 5E / CAT 6 / OFC LAN, Wi-Fi network, WAN, CISCO 
Router & Firewall, Nortel / Dlink / 3 COM / Zyxel network switches, Enterprise Antivirus Software, Linux /
Windows based servers / workstations, Squid Proxy & Apache Web servers and Web designing.

* Knowledge in TETRA Communication system including Base Stations, Mobile Terminals, Gateways and other TETRA
network components.


* Working knowledge in 3D m
odeling, particularly in Solidworks package.

* Preparation of mechanical design drawings.

* Technical Supervision of Fabrication activities.

* Inspection of fabricated parts and familiarity with tools and equipments used for fabrication / Inspection.

* Exposure to Defence standards on vibration, shock and other environmental conditions.

* Design of equipment enclosures meeting the above standards.