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Selection Procedure of Caritor -

Caritor Selection Procedure

Selection Procedure consists four sections

1. Written Test

2. Group Discussion

3. Technical  Interview

4. H.R

1.Written Test has 3 Sections

Time Limit: 60 Minutes

Section 1.Aptitude (15Qs)

Time and work

Time and Distance,


Permutation Combination

Mixtures and Alligation

Train etc.,

Section 2.English(10Qs)

Sentence Correction


Synonym and Antonyms

Section 3.Resoning(10Qs)

True statements

Complete the series figures

Clock and Calendar etc..,

2.Group Discussion

Time Limit :10 Minutes

It is not elimination round. If you talk once is enough. The will give 2 minutes time to think. Better talk 3 times. They will give chance to all students. friends dont expect they will give time for us to collect all points all son as the topic is announced we have to start it..

Try to initiate with good point.. Initiated, talked loudly and clearly. No problem if u have no great comm. skills.

Previously asked GD Topics


"Is wealth or health gives happiness

Are women better managers???

SHOULD Mobiles be banned??


Remixes of songs, justified or not?

Is china a treat to Indian IT field

Indian cricket…

Joint families… 

God whether it exists or not

Is group discussion essential for placement drives.

Is dress code necessary at university level”.


Is software industry dominating hardware industry

Global warming

Importance of social activities

Effect of cinema on youth

3.Technical  Interview

C ,DS,JAVA (basic),DBMS(basic)

Study the basic concepts in OOP, C and DBMS.

Write a program to reverse a string without using built in functions. The questions were

1. Features of OOP

2. Primary key

3. Difference between primary key and unique key.

4. What is polymorphism

5. Types of polymorphism

6. Macro


General HR Questions like

Tell me about you?

Family ?Why Caritor? What is your aim in life etc

When they ask u a negative question, u need to answer positively.