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Placement paper for Accenture 29-08-2004

Q1. I saw her ---- airport

a) Atb) onc) ind) across

Q2. Masi specialises ---- pleasant, well balanced wines

a) intob) aboutc) ind) with

Q3. By the time I arrived ---- the pub she all ready left

a) inb) on  c) atd) into

Q4. Erbiage

a) the act of doing something b) the use many words witout nessecityc) a vegitable

d) non of the above

Q5. Fruitful means

a)  justifyb) futilec) efficient

d) productive

Q6. Aesthetically means

a) tastelesslyb) artistically

c) hazardouslyd) colourfully

Q7. --- panda & white tiger are in danger species ?

a)  A

b) An

c) The

d) none

Q8. ---- doctor who you met yesterday was my father?

a) a,b) an,c) thed) none

Q9. ---- university of its status does not even need to advertise?

a)  ab) anc)  thed) none of the articlerequired

Q10. 45 students, 12 in debate only, 22 in singing only how many in both?

a) 9b) 11c)  25d) 45

Q11. 10 play cabaddi, 20 play kho kho only,5 both how many in total?

a) 35b) 28

c) 40d) cant say

Q12. 100 spoke English, 40 speak french. 20 both at least one?

a) 110b) 100c) 140d) 120

Q13. 200 total 125 like pizza 115 bargar both?

a) 15b) 40c) 72d) 80

Q14. 10 friends meet for movie 20 for picnic and 5 for games 4 for m 3 pic 2 form & g 0 for p3:g 2 for all hoe many are students?

a) 11b) 16c) 25d) 35

Q15. A poll pointing towards east by accident started to point towards south. A man was travelling thing west what is the actual direction?

a) N b) Sc) Ed) W

Q16. Sagar was riding bike towards north,turned left road 1 km turns towards left &road 2 km found himself 1 km west of starting how far did he road north?

a) 1b) 2c) 3d) 5

Q17. 600 to be seated.10 benches are less.so 2 more persons are required to be seated in each bench.so how many benches. 209 36 44 60 18. Selling a ac gains 25% on SP what %gain on CP.

a) 15b) 25c) 33.33d) 47.5

Q18. Students from different universities.

a) A speaks hindi and bengali.b) B hindi and english.c) C english and bengali.d) D tamil and hindie) Ebengali and tamil

Q19. Interpretor between C and D

a)  A onlyb) B only  c) E onlyd) A.B and E.

Q20. Cant speak without interpretor  

a) B&Eb) A&Bc) A&Cd) B&E

Q21. 5 children were born on the same day but on different years in bow 1999-2003. Abhya is younger than Dinesh and Frahan Vaskar is naughtiest of all Girish is older than Dinesh and Farhan. If Abhay is born in 2002, then in which year Farhan is born :

a) 1999-2002  b)  2000-2001c) 1999, 2000, 2001d) 2003

Q22. Order in which childrens are born?

a)  B.D.G.F.Ab) G.D.B.F.Ac) G.A.B.D.Fd)  F.B.D.A.G


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