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ADP Technical Paper 2012

Q1. Difference between DBMS and RDBMS...CODDs rules

Q2. Difference between IN and EXISTS

Q3. Talk about views In web page there is five OK buttons available, while recording i click on 3rd OK button, How QTP identify the 3rd OK button while running script? Is qtp identify 3rd ok button?

Q4. What is the difference between the severity and priority and tell me high severity and low priority ,low severity and high priority ,high severity and high priority ,low severity and low priority

Q5. How do you use the parameters.input parameters and out put parameters.

Q6. What are the environment variables,how do you use them. give an example.

Q7. When a high severity issue is found in production how to handle this situation.

Q8. What is the script to select 2 or more than 2 options from a listbox.

Q9. What is Connection Pooling?

Q10. What are the new features in Oracle 10g. Compared to Oracle 9i?

Q11. What is the difference between local table and global table

Q12. Why do we use both location and index identifier.

Q13. How to handle recovery scenario for a application crash.write script for this.

Q14. How to read records from flat file in reverse order through COBOL program?

Q15. How to connect oracle in unix prompt?

Q16. How to create frame work for qtp?

Q17. How Array List can be Serialized.

Q18. What is "out" parameter how it is used in methods?

Q19. How many function you use in your application?

Q20. How to declare if emp-name = AAAAA""BBB in working-storage section. After display emp-name should print like AAAAA""BB how to debugg a procedure or package using dbms_output.put_line in plsql

what is meta-Inf?

Q21. Write a simple program inheritance?

Q22. How Can we use multiple forms in single asp.net application?

Q23. What is the difference b/w .net 1.1 and 2.0?

Q24. What is isolated joins in check integrity explain bug life cycle

Q25. How u do database testing

Q26. How to call a text file

Q27. What is Traceability Matrix? What is there in that and what will u do with that?

What is the latest version in QTP?


void main( )


int i;




a) 2

b) 3 

c) garbage value. 

d) none of these.

Ans : b)3.


void main( )


int i;




How many times does the loop executes

a) 10 

b) 0 


d) Infinite

Ans : b)0


void main( )


int i;




How many times does the loop executes

a) 10 

b) 0 


d) Infinite

Ans : d)infinite


void main( )


char c[ ]=cdef;



a) 5 4 

b) 4 5 

c) 2 5 

d) none of these

Ans: a) 5 4

Q32) Local Variables will get stored in ____________.

a) Stack 

b) Queue 

c) Register 

d) All the above.

Ans: b) Queue

Q33)Register variables are stored in _________ .


b)CPU Register 


Ans : b) CPU Register

Q34) Program code is stored in_______________

a) Heap 

b)CPU Register 

c) None

Ans : a)Heap

Q35 )Which of the following interrupts has the highest






Ans: Trap

Q36)What is the function of the kernel__________

a) Process 


c) Not Defined 

d) none of these

Q37) What does Microprocessor does when it encounters an non maskable interrupt______________

a)Finishes the current executing instruction and then serves theinterrupt.

b) Finishes the current executing task and then serves the interrupt.

c)Serves the interrupt at once.

d)none of the above

Ans : a)Finishes the current executing instruction and then serves the interrupt

Q38) The storage type used by micro processor is________________



c)Uses Both alternatively 


Ans : a)LIFO.

Q39) Using of ___________ clocking circuit is asvantageous in terms of usage of power.




Ans b) Crystal

Q40) 13)When microprocessor encounters the HLT instruction _______________

a)Halts the executions.

b)Halts the executions and buses enter into tri state.

c)All the above.

Q41) Buses in Microprocessor Does which of the following job(s)

a) Carrys the data.

b) Carrys the address.

c) Carrys the control signal.

d) All the above.

Ans d) All the above.

A pulse is passed through a pipe to detect any damage. This process is called?

a. Time reflectometry

b. Piggy backing

How to delete variables that are dynamically allocated


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