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1.In a pile of 10 books, there are 3 of History, 3 of Hindi, 2 of mathematics and 2 of English. Taking from above, there is an English book between a history and mathematics book, a history book between a mathematics and an English book, a Hindi book between an English and a mathematics book, a mathematics book between two Hindi books and two Hindi books between a Mathematic and a History book. Book of which subject is at the sixth position from top? 

A. English B. Hindi B. Mathematics C. History

Ans: B

2. On a man's tombstone, it is said that one sixth of his life was spent in childhood and one twelfth as a teenager. One seventh of his life passed between the time he became an adult and the time he married; five years later, his son was born. Alas, the son died four years before he did. He lived to be twice as old as his son did. 

How old did the man live to be?

Ans: 84 years

19. What two numbers have a product of 48 and, when the larger number is divided by the smaller, a quotient of 3?

Ans: 4 and 12

3. A drove of sheep and chickens have a total of 99 heads and feet. There are twice as many chickens as sheep. How many of each are there?

Ans: nine sheep and eighteen chickens. 


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