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Cisco Placement Paper

1. RS-232C standard is used in _____________. 
Ans: Serial I/O

2. Memory. Management in Operating Systems is done by
a) Memory Management Unit b) Memory management software of the Operating System c) Kernel
Ans: (b)

3. What is done for a Push opertion?Ans: SP is decremented and then the value is stored.

4. Binary equivalent of 52 
Ans: 110100

5. Hexadecimal equivalent of 3452 
Ans: 72A

6. Explain Just In Time Concept ? Ans: Elimination of waste by purchasing manufacturing exactly when needed

7. A good way of unit testing s/w program is 
Ans: User test

8. OOT uses 
Ans: Encapsulated of detect methods

9. EDI useful in 
Ans: Electronic Transmission

10. MRPII different from MRP 
Ans: Modular version of man redundant initials 


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