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IBM Campus Placement Process

The International Business Machines Corporation is one of the largest multi-national companies, with its headquarters in New York. IBM manufactures and markets computer hardware and software. IBM offers business services, IT service, outsourcing service, financing and training.

The global business magazine ranked IBM the 2nd largest firm in terms of number of employees worldwide and 19th in terms of revenue. IBM is also ranked 5th most admired company. It’s a dream for every student to work in one of the most innovative company.

Each year, IBM visits top colleges across the country to hire new talent to be a part of this company. In order to be eligible for campus recruitment in IBM the final year engineering student should score at least 70%. The student must not have any backlog. The student must be pursuing Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication/Communication, Information Technology, etc. Master of Science graduates in CS/IT/Electronics or related subjects and Master of Computer Application (MCA) holders are also eligible for campus recruitment.

The first round is an online written test. This is more like an aptitude test. The test is divided in four sections. The sections are verbal ability test, analytical ability test, attention to detail test and the last one, technical ability test. In this test the questions are related to time, distance, ratio proportion, puzzles, number system and series based. The student can get questions related to computer hardware and software in the technical section.

The next round is the English Summary Writing Test. In this section the student is expected to write the summary of the passage given to the student. The format in which the summary is to be written will be given to the student. In this section, the student is judged on their sentence formation and grammar and vocabulary.

The students who successfully clear the Essay writing test are then short listed for the group discussion round. The students are placed in a group of 10 to 12 students. A topic is given to the students. To clear the group discussion round he/she must be alert and must have good presence of mind.

After the group discussion round, the student is judged on the technical knowledge. In the technical round, questions are mostly asked about computer software programing, operating systems, database management, etc. The interviewer may also ask the student about the project done by them in the final year. He/ she may expect a few questions on their project work. 

After the technical interview, it is then followed by the HR round. This is the last round of the selection process. It is observed that technical and the HR round is clubbed as one and sometimes done separately.

In the final HR round the interviewer may ask the student about IBM, what are the goals and weakness of the student? The student should first introduce himself/ herself to the interviewer. The HR would evaluate the student’s confidence, creativity, problem solving abilities and ability to work as a team. In order to be selected in IBM the student should be well prepared.


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