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Infosys verbal ability questions and answers

Hi All, 

Infosys visited our college for placement tests some days back. We were all very excited since the day we heard that Infosys is going to visit for campus placement. The verbal ability test that they conducted was of good standard. They had questions on spotting the errors. correcting the errors, verbal analogies etc. 

Following are some of the questions in my paper- 

Spot the error: 
India today stands at a crucial (1)/ crossroads with its history as (2)/ an independent nation (3)/ No error(4)

Honesty and integrity are (1)/ the qualities which cannot be (2)/ done away with(3)/ and hence assume a lot of importance(4)/ No error (5)

Which of the phrases given below should replace the phrase in brackets () to make it a grammatically sentence?

Because of his ill health, the doctor has advised him (not to refrain) from smoking. 
a.) to not refrain from
b.) to resort to 
c.) to refrain from
d.) to be refrained from
e.) No correction required. 

Fill in the blanks: 

The astronaut made the descent with unusual caution, placing each foot first --- then firmly.
1. heavily 2. clumsily 3. tentatively 4. confidently 5. languidly


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