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IBM verbal ability questions and answers

Hi All, 

My interview experience at IBM was quite enriching and interesting. Most of the people are worried about aptitude and technical test but my major area of concern was English as I was the only one in the batch not preparing for MBA. 

Well, the test was good. They asked us to write an e-mail to a publication requesting them to consider our product for review in their magazine. It is important to get your punctuations right. 

Other questions were on active-passive voice, direct-indirect speech, synomyms etc. I'll share some questions, based on what I remember. 

Convert into passive/active voice. 

1. They objected to my proposal
2. People believe him to be innocent
3. The invigilator was reading out the instructions

Convert into direct/ indirect speech. 

1. The preacher said, "Honesty is the best policy."
2. I said to my father, "I am coming back after two hours."

I hope these are helpful to some people appearing for interview at IBM. 


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