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CISCO Aptitude questions - placement paper

Q. What is the probability that at least one of the three dices has a six in a single throw?

a) 1/216
b) 91/216
c) 35/216
d) 125/216

Q. If two dices are thrown simultaneously, what is the probability of getting a sum less than 11?

a) 1/12
b) 11/12
c) 1/6
d) 5/6

Q. The average monthly salary of 15 workers in a corporation was Rs 600. One of the employees having monthly salary of Rs 720 leaves the job and a new employee joins. Now their average salary comes down to Rs 580. Calculate the salary of the new employee.

a) 540
b) 380
c) 420
d) 450

Q. What would be the rank of the word CHASM in the dictionary if all the letters of the word are rearranged to form five letter words such that none of the words is repeated? 

a) 30
b) 31
c) 32
d) 33

Q. Find the angle between two hands of the clock when it shows 2:20.

a) 45
b) 50
c) 65
d) 40

Q. In a 100 mts race, A runs at 5kmph. A beats B by 8 secs even after giving him a start of 8mts. The speed of B is

a) 4.25kmph
b) 4.14kmph
c) 5.18kmph
d) 4.40kmph

Q. 100 Oranges were bought for Rs 350 and were sold at Rs 48 per dozen. Calculate the profit or loss percentage.

Q. The H.C.F of two numbers is 11 where as the their L.C.M. is 7700. Find the other number if one of them is 275.

a) 290
b) 308
c) 380
d) 209

Q. Calculate the number of digits to the right of the decimal point in the product of 95.75 and 0.2554.

a) 6
b) 7
c) 8
d) 9

Q. Two pipes can fill the tank in 36 minutes. One of the pipes can fill the same tank with a speed three times as that of the other pipe. Calculate the speed of the pipe with lower speed.

a) 140
b) 144
c) 150
d) 190

Q. A man buys a cow for Rs 3000 and sells the same for Rs 3600. The buyer gets a credit of 2yrs at a rate of 10% per annum. The gain percentage would be

a) 7.5%
b) 0%
c) 7.5%
d) 10%

Q. John catches the elevator at 11th floor and moves up with a rate of 57 floors per minute. Mike catches the floor at 51st floor and moves down at the rate of 63 floors per minute. At which floor do they cross each other?

a) 28
b) 30
c) 35
d) 37

Q. Which is the wrong term in the given series of numbers?

6, 12, 48, 100, 384, 768, 3072

a) 3072
b) 100
c) 48
d) 12

Q. A man went to buy a few pencils and pens. He can buy 15 pencils and 25 pens with the money he has. However he keeps 15% of the total amount as his bus fare and buys 5 pencils and a few pens. Calculate the number of pens bought by him.

Q. While climbing a wall, a man climbs 4 steps and slips down by 2 steps. How long will he take to climb a 48 mts wall if he takes 12 minutes to cover 3 steps and every step is of 2 mts.

Q. Two trains of lengths x and y are approaching each other with speeds u and v respectively. What would be the time taken by the faster train to cross the other train?


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