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TCS Technical Questions from previous years

Technical questions asked in the interview are mostly based on the student’s final year project. However you may also be asked technical questions related to your academics and your preferred area of interest (subjects). 

Below is the list of questions which are most frequently asked, as per previous years tests.

• What do mean by debugger?
• Explain the advantages and disadvantages of macros.
• Explain the difference between Project management and IT management.
• What do you mean by static variable?
• Explain what you mean by a pointer.
• What do you mean by abstract class?
• Explain the difference between a list and array.
• Explain the difference between pass by value and pass by reference.
• Can you explain the four storage classes in C.?
• Explain the difference between null pointer and void pointer.
• With the help of using classes, write a program to add two numbers.
• Tell me briefly about your strongest programming language.
• What do you mean by command line argument?
• What is an inline function?
• Explain what an object is.
• How can you print an address?
• What is the difference between Java and C?
• Explain what you mean by 3 tier architecture.
• What are the different types of DBMS architecture?
• Explain what do you mean by insertion sort, bubble sort and selection sort? Also, explain the differences among the functionalities of the three sorts.
• Can you explain why software is called a product?
• What do you mean by spanning tree?
• What is a cache memory?
• Explain EBS functionalities.
• Explain the advantages of inheritance.
• Explain the meaning of Cryptography.
• In DBMS, what are the two integrity rules used?
• Explain what you mean by memory alignment.
• Explain the scope of a variable.
• Explain the meaning of java applet.
• Explain what you understand by function overloading. Also explain the difference between operator overloading and function overloading.


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