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Infosys aptitude placement paper

We had Infosys visiting our college for campus placements in the last month. They promised a good professional growth and conducted the written tests and interview. Out of 60 students, they finally selected 5 candidates including me. 

They asked questions on aptitude. Some of the questions I remember are-

If the sum of money at simple interest doubles in 12 years, it will become 5 times in
a) 48 years b) 36 years c) 24 years d) 56 years

A car manufacturer produces only red and blue models which come out of the final testing area at random. What are the chances that five consecutive cars of same color will come through the test area at any one time?
a) 1 in 16 b) 1 in 125 c) 1 in 32 d) 1 in 25

A 140 cm long tape is to be cut into two pieces such that one piece will be 2/5th as long as the other. Calculate the length of the shorter piece.
a) 30 cm b) 20 cm c) 40 cm d) 35 cm

Two Toy Trains 100 meters and 200 meters in the length are running towards each other on parallel lines, one at rate of 40 kmph and another at the rate of 50 kmph. In what time will they be clear of each other from the moment they meet?
a) 14 sec b) 12 sec c) 13 sec d) 11 sec

If the Children’s Day in 2005 falls on Monday, then on which day will the Children’s Day fall in 2010?
A) Saturday b) Thursday c) Wednesday d) Sunday e) None of the above

A train 135 meter long takes 5 sec to cross a man running at 15 kmph in a direction opposite to that of the train. Find the speed of the train.
a) 17.1 sec b) 17.2 sec c) 17.4 sec d) 17.3 sec

Find the H.C.F. of 2/3, 3/9, 16/81 and 10/27.
a) 2/81 b) 80/3 c) 2/67 d) 3/19

A triangle is made from a rope. The sides of the triangle are 21 cm, 24 cm and 28 cm. What will be the area of the square made from the same rope?
a) 280.5625 b) 333.0625 c) 333.0125 d) 400

After the typist writes 12 letters and addresses 12 envelopes, she inserts the letters randomly into the envelopes (1 letter per envelope). What is the probability that exactly 1 letter is inserted in an improper envelope?
a) 1/12 b)0 c)12/212 d)11/12

a and b are mixed in 3:5 ratio and b and c are mixed in 8:5 ratio. If the final mixture is 35 liters, find the amount of b?
A) 13.34 b) 15.73 c) 16.73 d) 9.45


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