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BirlaSoft Placement Test - Java Questions from previous years

It has been observed that sometimes the company focuses on candidates with Java expertise. In the interview the candidates can expect Java specific questions only by the interviewer.

Sometimes it has been seen that the interviewer may ask the student what is his/her favourite subject . If their answer is Java, they may expect questions based on Java.

Here are a few questions asked in the technical round by the interviewers, in last some years:

• Explain how can you debug the Java code?
• Explain how to improve Servlet Performance?
• If some new data has entered the database, explain how can a servlet refresh automatically?
• Explain how does JSP handle run-time exceptions? 
• Explain what is an EJB Context? 
• Java is Pass by Value or Pass by Reference?
• Explain the difference between an Interface and an Abstract class? 
• How is the marker interface used in Java?
• Give few examples of final classes defined in Java API? 
• What is the importance of init() method in Servlet ? 
• Explain the purpose of garbage collection in Java?
• When is the garbage collection used in Java? 
• Explain what is Marker interface?


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