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L & T Inftech verbal ability questions and answers

HI Guys, 

I appeared for a walkin placement test at L & T Infotech some days back. The questions on English were a little difficult....mainly based on synonyms, passage, sentence completion, spotting errors, errors correction etc. 

I have told my other friends to practice all these topics properly before appearing for the test. Internet is a big resource and I hope if I share the questions I face, they might be helpful to some people. I may not be able to tell you word by word as I may not remember them exactly......but the questions were quite near to what I remember. 

The famous Anna Freud's impact on psychoanalysis was ---. It came not from just one brilliant discovery but from a lifetime of first-rate work.
1. tangential
2. premature
3. exorbitant
4. indiscernible
5. cumulative

The political leader was very powerful. He was more -- than any other member of the committee.
1. integral
2. influential 
3. restraint
4. discriminate
5. pretentious

(A) exploited: protection
(B) healthy: medication
(C) insular: discovery
(D) productive: surplus
(E) navigable: sailing

Mahatma Gandhi did not solve (1)/ all the problems of the future (2)/ but he did solve (3)/ problems of his own age (4)/ No error (5)

I hope they are helpful
Good luck guys. 


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