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DRDO Placement Paper – Aptitude Questions

• Anthrophobia attributes to the fear of?
a. Flowers
b. Spiders 
c. Dust 
d. Books 

• What shall be the values of Vd and Id respectively for the MOSFET in the given circuit, where the threshold voltage Vt = 0.5V, the process parameter KP = 150µA/V^2 and W/L =10?
a. Vd = 4.5V and Id = 0.5mA
b. Vd = 6V and Id = 0 mA
c. Vd = 4.5V and Id = 1 mA
d. Vd = 4.8 V and Id = 0.4 mA

• For which field was SAMYUKTA developed and used?
a. RAC
b. Navy
c. Army
d. Air force

• Which of the below mentioned statements does not stand true for the below mentioned differential equation: X^2d^2/dx^2+x dy/dx +(x^2 – 4)y = 0
a. X=0 is a regular singular point
b. It’s a linear second order ordinary differential equation
c. It is a non – homogeneous second order ordinary differential equation
d. It cannot be reduced to a differential equation with constant coefficients

• Who exhibits negative resistance characteristics?
a. Schottky Diode
b. Tunnel Diode
c. Zener Diode
d. Photo Diode

• Which law is used to derive Heat pumps?
a. Fourth law of thermodynamics
b. First law of thermodynamics
c. Second law of thermodynamics
d. None of the above

• Which ingredient is used to make a common LED?
a. Degenerate semi – conductor
b. Intrinsic semi - conductor
c. Indirect semi - conductor
d. Direct semi-conductor
• Complete the following series with the next two numbers: 3, 5, 11, 21 
a. 35 and 53
b. 34 and 52
c. 35 and 52
d. 34 and 53

• How will you write PARIS if DELHI is written as EDHIL?

• What shall be the voltage of V(0+) for the given circuit when the switch was kept closed for long time before opening it at t=0?
a. 10 V
b. 0 V
c. -1 V
d. -10 V

• Find the value of: 1+2i/3-4i + 2-I/ 5i, where i^2 is -1:
a. 2/5
b. 5/2
c. -5/2
d. -2/5

• What shall be the common emitter DC current gain be when the common base DC current gain of a BJT is 0.98?
a. 1
b. 0.02
c. 51
d. 49

• The complex valued function f(z)=e^z is analytic for:
a. Real z only
b. No z
c. All z
d. Imaginary z only

• Which gas causes Green House Effect in the atmosphere?
a. N2 level
b. SO2 level
c. CO2 level
d. CO level

• In which year was DRDO formed?
a. 1950
b. 1954
c. 1947
d. 1958

• Find the hole concentration in the doped semiconductor when at a given temperature, a semi – conductor with intrinsic carrier concentration Ni = 10 ^6/m^3 is doped with a donor dopant of concentration Nd = 10^26/m^3?
a. 10^16/m^3
b. 10^26/m^3
c. 10^6/m^3
d. 10^14/m^3

• Find the values of (A*B).A for the vectors A = 3i – 2j+k and B = 2i-k.
a. 1
b. 3
c. 0
d. 2

• Complete the following statement, In a BJT CASCODE pair, a
a. Common base follows a common emitter
b. Common emitter follows a common base
c. Common collector follows a common base
d. Common base follows a common collector

• Choose the correct alternative what will be equivalent to hen, when kennel is to a dog.
a. Coop
b. Nest
c. Stable
d. Hole

• Which of the following statements will stand true, if A, B and C are three places in India with longitudes 80E, 85E and 90E respectively?
a. A, B and C all have the local time
b. Local time of C is ahead of that of B
c. Local time of A is ahead of that of C
d. Local time of B is ahead of that of C

• Choose the correct alternative to state the meaning of word Audacity.
a. Boldness 
b. Daring
c. Both A & B
d. None of the above

• From the below mentioned list of words, choose the words which are incorrectly spelt.
Accomodate, Forty, Exaggerate, Continous, Independent, Etiquette, Receipt.
a. 1
b. 4
c. 3
d. 2

• Choose the correct alternative to which DARL 202 is a variety of:
a. Capsicum
b. Tomato
c. Pea
d. Garlic

• What shall be the inverse of the matrix [cos A sin A – sin A cos A]?
a. [cos A – sin A]
b. [-cos A sin A]
c. [cos A – sin A sin A cos A] sin A – cos A] –sin A cos A] sin A cos A]
d. [cos A sin A}

• Find the two numbers whose sum of two numbers is 16 and the sum of their squares is a minimum.
a. 9, 7
b. 5, 11
c. 10, 6
d. 8, 8

• What is a HUMSA?
a. Mine
b. Sonar
c. Night vision device
d. Tank

• The orthogonal trajectory of the family of curves x^2-y^2 = a, where a is the constant and passing through the point (1,1) is:
a. y=-x
b. y=x
c. y=-1/x
d. y=1/x


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