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Capgemini Campus Placement - Java Questions from previous years

Here are few questions asked in the Java Interview at Capgemini 

1. Tell me about yourself?
2. Explain about your current project?
3. Explain what is meant by Struts Validator Framework?
4. Explain Action Servlet?
5. Explain what is meant by HQL? 
6. How many types of literals are there in JAVA?
7. Explain what is meant by Garbage collection?
8. Difference btw string s= new string (); and string s = "abv";?
9. What is singleton class?
10. Where is the singleton class used?
11. What is the difference between JSP and Servlets?
12. What is the difference in using request.getRequestDispatcher() and context.getRequestDispatcher()?
13. How the JSP file will be executed on the Server side?
14. In hibernate what is the difference between the Session and SessionFactory?


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