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Computer Knowledge/Programming - ADP

Here is a compiled list of questions asked in the Computer knowledge section of ADP written test:
1. What is the computer assisted method for recording and analysing the existing or hypothetical systems?

A. Data transmission 
B. Data capture 
C. Data flow 
D. Data processing

2. A large computer which is aimed to conduct complex scientific calculations

A. may use only a firmed word-length storage approach 
B. must use fixed length words of seven characters each 
C. will likely require a character addressable storage unit 
D. will not use numbered inscribed locations

3. What is a device or system called, which is not directly connected to the CPU?

A. On-line 
B. Keyboard 
C. Memory 
D. Off-line

4. What is the most important advantage of an IC?
A. Easy replacement 
B. High reliability 
C. Reduced cost 
D. Less power usage

5. What can cause a fixed disk error?

A. Disk not installed
B. Corrupt ram 
C. Processor Error 
D. Incorrect CMOS settings

6. The error 6xx indicates a problem with which device:
A. Keyboard 
B. hard drive 
C. Floppy Disk 

7. What is the brain of the computer?

A. Monitor 
B. Memory 
C. Central Processing Unit 
D. Control unit

8. In which applications are Serial access memories useful 

A. data is numerical
B. less access time is required
D. data naturally needs to flow in and out in serial form
C. each stored word is processed differently

9. Find the output of the program

void main()
struct a
char ch[10];
char *str;
struct a s1={"Secunderabad","Mangalore"};

10. Which IRQ does a sound card use?
A. 5 
B. 7 
C. 8 
D. 1

11. Find the output of the program

void main()
char s[]="Java is the best";
char t[40];
char *ss,*tt;

A. Error Message 
B. Goes into infinite loop
C. Java is the best
D. Core dump

12.In the entire program, which of the following storage classes can become a global variable?

A. Extern
B. Static
C. Auto
D. Register

13. Which component converts machine code into something resembling the source code?

A. De-compiler
B. Structure
C. Compiler
D. Assembler


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