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Microsoft Placement Paper - Technical Round Questions

In the technical round the student can expect a few questions on algorithm, microprocessor and semaphore. The students should have through technical knowledge to solve the test.

Here are a few questions asked in the technical section of the written test of Microsoft:

1. Explain the Memory Management System

2. Explain what is stored procedure? 

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of stored procedure?

4. Explain the difference between multiple and multilevel inheritance?

5. Explain the difference between system call and API call?

6. Explain the different types of system calls?

7. How can you test a calculator?

8. Explain how to detect the starting point of loop in a linked list which has a loop?

9. Explain the difference between a class and object?

10. Explain which is better trigger or stored procedure?

11. Explain how do you sort a linked list using the most efficient algorithm?

12. Explain how system call works?

13. Explain what happens when system call is invoked?

14. Can you write a procedure to shuffle cards?

15. Explain how does a spell checker routine common to both, word and PowerPoint used?

16. Explain what is the difference between Function overloading and Function Overriding? 

17. Explain what the difference between Function overriding is and Virtual Functions?

18. Explain Reverse a linked list?

19. Explain the types of Interrupts?

20. What happened when interrupt is called?

21. How can you find if there is a loop in a linked List?

22. Can you find the intersection of two linked lists?

23. Can you give all possible test cases to test the basic features of a mobile?

24. Explain the difference between data set and data reader?

25. Can you write an algorithm to find the depth of a binary tree?

26. Can you write an algorithm to separate all zeroes and ones in an array?


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