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iGate aptitude placement paper

Patni-iGate visited our college campus during the placement festival last month. They allowed the students from various branches of BE to sit for the placement test. Here, I am sharing some of the questions from the written test they conducted on aptitude. Hope you guys find them useful. 

The value of (4.7 X 13.26 + 4.7 X 9.43 + 4.7 X 77.31) is :
a) 470 b) 570 c) 370 d) 670

Which of these numbers is divisible by 26?
a) 190554 b) 190544 c) 190552 d) 190548

A Dog takes 8 leaps for every 7 leaps of a hare but 6 leaps of a dog are equal to 8 leaps of the hare. Compare their speeds.
a) 32:42 b) 32:41 c) 31:41 d) none

(1/3) of a number is 3 more than the (1/6) of the same number?
a) 6 b)16 c)18 d)21

A tank is filled with water. In first hour 10 liters, second hours 20 liters, and third hour 40 liters and so on. If time taken to fill ¼ of the tank is 5 hours. What is the time taken to fill up the tank?
a) 5 B) 8 c) 7 d) 12.5

In a shopping mall with a staff of 5 members the average age is 45 years. After 5 years a person joined them and the average age is again 45 years. What’s the age of 6th person?
a) 25 b)20 c)45 d)30


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