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HCL verbal questions and answers

HCL came to our college for placement during the middle of the season. They chose 5 out of the 70 students who appeared for the test. The question they asked were like - 

a.) Barren b.) Marshy c.) Inhabitable d.) Dry 

Find the error
We have done everything (1)/ that could be done(2)/ to avert the storm (3)/ which is now coming on (4)/ No Error (5)

Honesty and integrity are (1)/ the qualities which cannot be (2)/ done away with(3)/ and hence assume a lot of importance. (4)/ No error (5)

Fill in the blanks
If the scientist's works had been regarded merely as those of a fool, he might have met with only ------ not with violence and censorship.
1. brutality 2. loathing 3. rebellion 4. ridicule 5. execution


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