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Essar Placement Papers - Technical Question

The selection process of Essar consists of technical round. 

Here are a few questions asked in the Technical Interview:

1. For which process is the work done Zero?

2. Which cycle has high efficiency?

3. What is the composition of Stainless steel?

4. Name the high efficiency freezing agent?

5. What is the percentage of carbon in tool steel?

6. In which furnace is Pig iron produced?

7. What does the GNATT chart show?

9. What is the property of the freezing agent?

10. What is the advantage of v-belt?

11. In terms of compression ratio, which engine is the most efficient?

12. What is the difference between duodenum and addendum?

13. Write the composition of gunmetal?

14. What is the specific heat capacity of air?

16. Explain the purpose of Supercharger?

17. Explain the advantage of V belt?

18. What is Centipoise unit of?

20. Name the law states that internal energy is function of Temperature?

21. Explain what happens if there is sudden reduction in barometer?

22. Explain the difference between capacitor and condenser?

23. Name the cycle has high frequency?

24. Explain the purpose of Supercharger.

25. Explain the rotational tendency of force?


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