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DRDO Chemical Engineering placement question paper

• For which fuel, the caloric value is the highest?

a. Natural gas
b. Coal
c. Furnace oil
d. Kerosene

• What is the dimension of viscosity?

a. MLT-1
b. MLT-1T-2
c. MLT-2T-1
d. MLT-1T-1

• What is a U – tube manometer?

a. First order process
b. Zero order process
c. Third order process
d. Second order process

• What does connecting line of the type denote?

a. Capillary tubing
b. Pneumatic signal
c. Electric signal
d. Software link

Match the following

a. 1 – A; 2 – C; 3 –B
b. 1 – A; 2 – B; 3 – C
c. 1 – C; 2 – A; 3 – B
d. 1 – P; 2 – C; 3 – B

• Who manufactures Nitric Acid?

a. Ostwald process
b. Le Blanc process
c. Solvay process
d. Haber process

• When can you apply Bernoulli’s equation?

a. When the flow is streamline, steady, frictionless and compressible
b. When the flow is streamline, unsteady, frictionless and incompressible
c. When the flow is streamline, steady, frictionless and incompressible
d. When the flow is streamline, steady, friction and incompressible

• Which statement amongst the following option describes the 3rd law of thermodynamics?

a. “Heat transfer from low temperature to high temperature source is not possible without external work.”
b. “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another.”
c. “All gases having same reduced property behave similarly.”
d. “Crystalline solids have zero heat capacity at absolute zero temperature.”

• What does the Clausius – Clapeyron equation describe?

a. Variation of density with pressure
b. Variation of surface tension with temperature
c. Variation of heat capacity with temperature
d. Variation of vapour pressure with temperature

• Which is the cost component that is not considered in the estimation of the pay - out time (i.e. payback period) process?

a. Fixed capital
b. Working capital
c. Start - up cost
d. Depreciation

• Find the final value of f(s) = S2/S+ 3s + 2

a. 0
b. 2
c. 1
d. 3

• Fins do not help much for heat transfer into a boiling liquid because:

a. Boiling liquid has very low convective heat transfer coefficient
b. It is difficult to put fins in a boiling liquid
c. Boiling liquid is at constant temperature and no heat transfer is possible
d. Boiling liquid has very high convective heat transfer coefficient.

• On what is the overall gas – phase HTU based on arithmetic mean driving force approximately equals to:

a. 2m
b. 3m
c. 2.6m
d. 1.6m

• What shall be the minimum lift of a cylindrical pump that draws a non – volatile liquid from reservoir at a pressure of 196 kPa when the frictional loss of head in the suction line is well within 1m

a. 15m
b. 14m
c. 10.4m
d. 20m

• What shall be the ideal condition for a gas to show maximum deviation from its ideal behaviour?

a. Low pressure and low temperature
b. High pressure and high temperature
c. Low pressure and high temperature
d. High pressure and low temperature

• What is the degree of freedom for a chemical system comprising of 4 components and 2 phases?

a. 4
b. 2
c. 0
d. 6

• Answer the following question based on the statement given below:

Lubricant oil [specific heat = 2.1 kJ/ (kg.k)] with a flow rate of 2kg/s at 353 K needs to be cooled to 323K. Water [specific heat = 4.2 kJ/ (kg.k)] is available at 303 K and must not be heated above 313 K. The flow occurs in co – current fashion. The overall heat transfer co – efficient is 420 W/ .k). The area of heat transfer is 12 .

1. What will be the approximate number of transfer units of the heat exchanger equal to?

a. 1.7
b. 1.5
c. 1.0
d. 1.2

2. What will be the effectiveness of the heat exchanger?

a. 0.6
b. 0.75
c. 0
d. 0.8

• What will you call the moisture in a solid exerting an equilibrium pressure equal to that of pure liquid at the same temperature?

a. Free moisture
b. Inbound moisture
c. Bound moisture 
d. Critical moisture

• What will you measure with the help of Thiele Modulus?

a. Surface rection rate/ rate of diffusion through the catalyst pellet
b. Actual overall rate of rection/ rate of reaction that would result if the entire interior surface were exposed to the external pellet surface concentration at the surface temperature
c. Rate of diffusion through the catalyst pellet/ surface reaction rate
d. Bulk diffusivity/ Knudsen diffusivity

• What will be the measure of profitability of the process that does not take into account time value of money?

a. Payback period
b. Discounted cash flow rate of return
c. Return on investment
d. Capital charge factor

• What does the proximate analysis of coal involves the determination of?

a. Volatile matter, ash, moisture and fixed carbon
b. Net calorific value
c. Carbon, hydrogen, sulphur, oxygen and nitrogen
d. Caking index

• What shall be the force developed by centrifugal action inside the centrifuge assuming p2 = 10 based on the following conditions of the centrifuge:

Diameter of the basket: 50cm
Rotational speed: 10000 Hz
Load inside the centrifuge: 10 Kg

a. 10000 GN
b. 10000 N
c. 10000 MN
d. 10000 kN


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