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Cummins Placement Paper - Aptitude Questions

This is an objective type of paper with options given; the students are expected to select the correct option. 
Here are a few questions asked in the written test of Cummins aptitude section:

1. For INR 110 each Rajesh buys 18 local tickets. The cost of a first class ticket is Rs.10 and a second class ticket will cost Rs.3. Calculate the cost of another 18 tickets which will be purchased in a lot in which the number of first class and second class tickets is interchanged?


2. Kishore, Maya and Sanjay went to a national park for bird watching. Each one saw a bird which the other two did not see. Later they saw one bird that the third did not when they were in a pair. All three saw the same bird once. Of the birds Kishore saw, two were yellow. Of the birds Maya saw, three were yellow. Of the birds Sanjay saw, four were yellow. Find out how many yellow birds were seen in total and how many non-yellow birds were seen in total?

a)3 yellow birds and 2 non yellow birds
b)4 yellow birds and 2 non yellow birds
c)5 yellow birds and 2 non yellow birds
d)7 yellow birds and 3 non yellow birds

3. A LPG cylinder having a weight of 14.4 Kg lasts for 104 hours when the smaller burner on the gas stove is fully opened, whereas it will last for 80 hours when the larger burner on the stove is opened to the max. Out of the below values find out the closest percentage difference in the usage of gas per hour, of the smaller burner over the larger burner?


4. Using 11 orange, 9 white, 13 black and 7 yellow chips, 4 stacks are to be made using equal number of chips. What is the maximum number of white chips in any one stack if all of these chips are used and every stack contains at least one chip of each colour?


5. In the weekly market, Reema sells her apples for 0.50 for two apples. Sana is also selling apples in the market. Her apples are little smaller than Reema’s so she sells them at Rs 0.50. After a while both of them are having the same amount of apples left. Sana was called by her mother. She asks Reema to take care of her apple bucket. Reema puts all the apples in one bucket and starts selling five apples for one rupees.

When Sana returns all her apples are sold. Now both of them start dividing the money. But they find out that there is a shortage of Rs 3.50. If they divide the money equally, how much does Reema lose?

d) 11.50

6. In the given series, find the missing number.

4, 32, 288, ? , 31680

a) 2880
b) 25600
c) 1000
d) 7420

7. A pigeon flies from Ahmedabad to Gujarat, passing over Bikaner, Chandanagar and Daman. When it reaches Gujarat, the distance it has covered is one-third of the distance remaining to city Chandanagar. When it reaches city Daman, the distance remaining is one-third of the distance from city Chandanagar. If Bikaner and Daman are 15 km apart, then how far is Gujarat from Ahmedabad?

a)24 km 
b)25 km
c)20 km
d)18 km

8. In a box containing only black and white balls is equal to one-third the numbers of white balls. Twice the number of total balls exceeds thrice the number of white balls by 4. What will be the number of black balls in the box?


9. How many students are there in a line for the physical training in a row if Aakash is 7th from the left and Bunny is 9th from the right? They both interchange their positions. Aakash becomes 11th left.


10. What is the smallest number of children the family might have if each child in the family has 3 sisters and 4 brothers?

(a) 10
(b) 9
(c) 8
(d) 7

11. Which is the direction in which Ramesh is walking, if Ramesh walks towards east? He then turns towards North and turning 450 right walks for a while and in the end turns towards left. 

(a) North-East
(b) South-East

12.There are two glasses, one has tomato juice and one has equal amount of apple juice. One teaspoon of the tomato juice is taken and mixed with the apple juice. Then a teaspoon of the mixed juice is mixed again into tomato juice. Now is there more tomato juice in the apple juice or more apple juice in the tomato juice.

(a)More tomato juice added in the apple juice.
(b) More apple juice added in the tomato juice
(c) There is equal amount of each juice in the two glasses 
(d) None from the given choices.

13. Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word:
The important work has just been done now and all we have to do is to finish the remaining paper………….

(a) work
(b) task
(c) work
(d) function

14. Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word:

To prevent all her pamphlets from blowing away when the window was opened, Susan was given a very decorative paper …………. 

(a) stone
(b) heavy
(c) block
(d) weight

15. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word:
In just a few weeks of publication her first novel which was a huge success came out with a paper ……….

(b) edition

16. Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word:

A few countries have very interesting designs on their paper…………..

(b) note
(c) money
(d) cash

17. If(M)=M2 -25 then the minimum positive value of M at which f(M) is positive is:



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