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ADP Placement - Verbal ability questions from past

Here are some of the questions asked in the written test in the Verbal Ability section of the ADP Written Test

1. Which is the correctly spelt words.

A. Emigration 
B. Emegration 
C. Emegretion 
D. Emegrition

2. Choose the word which is the exact opposite of Abandonment

A. Influx 
B. Forsaking 
C. Desertion 
D. Restrain 

3. Choose the most appropriate one which best represent the given sentence in Passive/Active voice.
They greet me cheerfully every morning.

A. Every morning I was greeted joyfully. 
B. I am greeted joyfully by them every morning. 
C. I am being greeted joyfully by them every morning. 
D. Joyful greeting is done by them every morning to me. 

4. Select the pair which has the same relationship. 

Grief: Consolation. 

A. ache: extraction 
B. Pain: Sedative 
C. trance: narcotic 
D. Comfort: stimulant 

5. Find the errors in the sentences given below:

A. I will 
B. in the morning
C. Yesterday 
D. ring him

6. Find the missing alphabets out of the given options.

b, e, d, f, ?, h, j, ?, t

A. i n 
B. j m
C. i m 
D. m i

7. Choose the odd pair out

A. Lion: roar 
B. Birds: Chirp
C. Frog: Bleat 
D. Snake: Hiss

8. Find the word which is least like the others word given

A. Milk 
B. Yogurt
C. Oil 
D. Butter

9. The man who has committed such a _______ crime must get the harshest trail.

A. injurious 
B. serious
C. unworthy 
D. admoniable

10. Find out whether there is any grammatical error in the given sentence

A. which was previously controlled by the British rulers
B. is free now from the narrow vested interests.
C. The Indian music 
D. All the sentences are correct.


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