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HAL Placement Papers - Computer Science Questions

In the HAL Computer Science section the students can expect multiple choice questions. The students are expected to select the right answer.

Here are few questions asked in the HAL written test of Computer Science Engineering section. 

1. Which is a secondary memory device?
(a) CPU
(b) Mouse
(c) Floppy disk 
(d) ALU 

2. Which is the most significant difference between a simple desk calculator and computer? Choose from the following (note that some of the following may not even be true). 
(a) One has to know the method of calculation while using a calculator but a computer user can depend upon the computer to choose the method automatically. 
(b) the computer is useful in business applications while the desk calculator is not 
(c) the computer can print its results, while the desk calculator can only show it on a display 
(d) the computer is controlled by a program stored in its memory while calculator require step-by-step manual control 

3. A term associated with the comparison of processing speeds of different computer systems is :
(a) MIPS
(b) MPG 
(c) EFTS 
(d) CPS 

4. Why is RAM used as a short memory?
(a) is volatile 
(b) is very expensive 
(c) has small capacity 
(d) None of the above

5. A computer derives its basic strength from 
(a) speed 
(b) accuracy
(c) memory 
(d) all of the above 

6. Modern computers compared to earlier computers are 
(a) faster and smaller
(b) less reliable 
(c) larger and stronger 
(d) slower but more reliable 

7. The use of computer for business applications is attractive because of its 
(a) accuracy 
(b) reliability 
(c) speed 
(d) All of the above 

8. A computer is capable of performing almost any task, provided that it can be 
(a) reduced to a series of logical steps
(b) memorized 
(c) analyzed 
(d) coded

9. What does BIT represents? 
(a) binary digit 
(b) octal digit 
(c) decimal digit 
(d) hexa decimal digit 

10. A computer has very high speed, accuracy and reliability. Its intelligence quotient could be of the order of 
(a) 0
(b) 01 
(c) 50
(d) 200

11. A Computer can not do anything without?
(a) program 
(b) memory
(c) output device 
(d) chip

12. How does a computer possess information? 
(a) as directed by the operator 
(b) gradually
(c) at once 
(d) automatically

13. Pick up the false statement 
(a) the space in the primary storage section is divided into four areas: input, working, storage, output and program storage.
(b) computer errors can usually be traced to faulty programs or inaccurate input data 
(c) the facts or informational raw materials represented by numeric and non-numeric symbols are called information 
(d) computer can manipulate both numeric and non-numeric symbols

14. What does the processors of all computers, whether micro, mini or mainframe has?
(a) Control Unit 
(b) primary storage 
(c) ALU
(d) all of the above 

15. What is a correct statement about computers 
(a) Computers have the built-in ability to obey different types of instructions. 
(b) all comparisons are made in the control section 
(c) the arithmetic-logic section of the CPU selects, interprets and executes the program steps. 
(d) the secondary storage devices are usually connected on line to the CPU but for accepting data from them or returning data to them, human intervention is required 

16. Real time computing is possible because of the following characteristic of computer 
(a) storage capability 
(b) high speed 
(c) automatic in execution
(d) versatility 

17. What is not true about modern computer systems 
(a) these are simple and easy to take care of 
(b) even beginners, untrained persons can safely handle them 
(c) they require a highly disciplined approach 
(d) the negligent use of a computer system will almost always introduce time bombs into the system. 

18. What does a collection of eight bits called? 
(a) byte 
(b) word 
(c) record 
(d) file 

19. What does a group of instructions that directs a computer called ?
(a) storage 
(b) memory 
(c) logic 
(d) None of the above

20. Which of the following does not describe one or more characteristics of a computer?
(a) electronic 
(b) external storage 
(c) program modification at execution
(d) All of the above are characteristics. 

21. What is the general purpose of computers that can be adapted to countless uses simply by changing its? 
(a) keyboard 
(b) program 
(c) printer 
(d) None of the above

22. Which is the computer memory that does not forget?
(a) RAM 
(b) ROM
(c) PROM 
(d) None of the above 

23. Why is the Santa Clara Valley near Palo Alto, California popularly known as Silicon Valley of America?
(a) huge deposits of silicon are found there 
(b) many silicon chip manufacturing firms are located there 
(c) it is full of large grain sand
(d) Santa Claus visits it every Christmas

24. Computers are incapable of emotional feelings. However, some people attribute humanlike emotions to imitate objects including computers. What is it called?
(a) anthropogenesis 
(b) anthropomorphism 
(c) anthroolatory 
(d) cybernetics 

25. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
(a) generally, computers don't make mistakes 
(b) computers can think
(c) computers eliminate jobs 
(d) maths is necessary to understand computers 

26. The most common binary code in use today is the 8 bit ASCII code. What do the letters ASCII stand for?
(a) American Scientific Code for Information Interchange 
(b) American Standard Code for Information Interchange 
(c) American Standard Code for Intelligence interchange 
(d) None of the 

27. What is false about microcomputers, mini-computers, etc.? 
(a) most micros use rigid disk storage devices rather than floppy disk drives
(b) a minicomputer can have more processing capability than a mainframe model 
(c) a microcomputer chip performs the arithmetic-logic and control functions of a microcomputer 
(d) ROM chips may be used in micros; to permanently store program instruction 

28. What is the Control Unit of a digital computer called? 
(a) Lock 
(b) Nerve centre 
(c) ICs 
(d) None of the above 

29. What is the correct statement from the following?
(a) most mainframes are 48-bit machines 
(b) minicomputers can not use high speed buffer storage components and are thus always slower than mainframe models. 
(c) super-computers are usually designed to process accounting applications 
(d) mainframes may have multi-processor components that permit several tasks to be processed at the same instant in time 

30. In order to trace the incorrect input data or unreliable programs this of the following acronym recognizes the fact that ‚Äúcomputer errors?" 
(a) IGO 
(b) ROM
(c) LIFO
(d) DASD


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