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C DAC Technical round - SDK questions for placement

The student can expect questions based on their final year project, along with other questions.

The interviewer may ask the student his or her favourite topic. If the student says C++ or SDK, here are a few questions asked in the technical round of CDAC – SDK questions: 

1) Can you tell us about your project in your final year?
2) What was the role played by you in making the project?
3) What rank will you give yourself on SDK and C++?
4) Do you have an idea about MFC?
5) Can you tell which dlls are used for SDK?
6) Can you tell what is the purpose of user32.dll?
7) Can you tell something about GDI objects?
8) What do you know about system model?
9) What is the function of get Message Loop?
10) What do you know about Translate Accelerator?
11) What is DlgProc?
12) If we allocate the memory using 'new' & de-allocated using 'free' then what will happen? 
13) Tell us something about static linking and dynamic linking?
14) What do you know about device context?
15) Do you have any idea about Debug and release version?
16) Give a practical example in which modal command is used?
17) In dynamic link library, which api is used for load library?
18) What do you know about WM_CHAR message?
19) What is the purpose of krne32.dll?
20) Why are dynamic link library used over static one?


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