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Aricent HR Interview Questions from past

Some of the questions that have been asked in the HR round of interview at Aricent in the previous some years are: 

1. Introduce yourself.

2. Do you have any practical experience in this particular field for which you have applied; it may be in form of internship or projects?

3. Will you be successful if you continue working in this field?

4. Have you read about this organisation, if yes what have you understood about this organisation?

5. Give me few examples that you have done to increase your knowledge in the past one year?

6. Give me one reason why you want to join this organisation?

7. Do you know personally who works in our organisation?

8. What are your salary expectations?

9. Do you think you will prove to be a good team player as well as leader?

10. If we hire you, how long do you plan to be associated with us?

11. What is your idea towards your own working style?

12. Just imagine if you had enough money to retire right away, what would be your take on this?

13. How will you prove your worth to the company and how will the company benefit if we hire you?

14. Give us one reason why should we hire you?

15. Discuss your strengths and weakness?

16. What is your dream - job or dream profile that you would want to work on?


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