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Aricent Campus Placement - Procedure & Information

Aricent is a software development company that provides technology services to application, infrastructure and service providers. Aricent has overall 19 offices spread across all over the world. The company licenses its own products to companies dealing into telecommunication, design, manufacturing and service. 

The selection procedure of Aricent has been observed to be consist of 4 rounds, i.e. aptitude test, technical test, group discussion round, technical/ HR interview rounds. The first round that is the written test is further divided into 4 sections they are the aptitude section, logical reasoning, C & Data Structure section and lastly the English section. There are around 20 questions to be completed in 30 minutes for the aptitude section. The logical reasoning section consists of 15 questions to be completed in 20 minutes. The C language and Data structures section consists of 20 questions to be completed in 25 minutes and all the questions in this section are theoretical. Questions in this section are based on various functions, program outputs, processes involved in time complexity of searching and sorting. The last section is of English, i.e. verbal ability section. This section consists of 15 questions to be completed in 20 minutes. The questions cover the topics like, synonyms, antonyms, questions based on passages. 

The next round is of the Technical round. As with the name of the round itself we can guess the questions based in this section shall be technical. The questions cover the topics like, C, C++, Data structures. Some of the questions asked in the past few years are, out of C, C++ and data structures which subject do you like the most and are efficient? If you got to find a factorial of any number, which program would you choose to write? From the C language which part do you know thoroughly?

The third round is that of Group Discussion. In this round there are 10 students in a group. The HR will provide you with a list of topic and you and your group need to choose any 3 topics of your choice from the given list. Out of the 3 topics chosen by the group you are further required to choose any one topic and start the discussion within the group. The HR conducts the round and will give individual feedbacks on the spot. 

The last and the 4th round is the HR interview round. This round begins with a form to be filled up which usually consists of questions based on real life incidents faced by you. Some of the questions asked in the form are describe an incident where you have helped any of your friends and have gone out of the way to help her/him out or give a situation where you have proved your spirit as a team worker. Some questions on hobbies, interests were also asked in the interview. The company has a bond which the candidate needs to sign before joining the company, so that is also one of the question asked in the HR interview round to analyse if you are comfortable with the bond or not?

Once you are shortlisted and placed successfully in the company there is a PRISM training provided to the fresher’s to polish their skills more, once the training is over they can be given live projects to work on in the company. The training is based on Techno – behavioural Leadership Framework of the company. The skills polished are, programming languages, data structures and algorithms, operating systems and computer architecture, computer networks, software engineering, programming tools, key behavioural competencies. 

If you are thorough with the basics of C and data structures on which maximum of the questions are surrounding this topic it will be easy for you to clear the technical as well as the written rounds. You should basically be thorough with all your technical subjects and minute details involved in this.


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