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ESSAR verbal questions and answers

ESSAR verbal questions and answers (09-19-2013)

Some days back a consultant called me asking about my interest in ESSAR. I was quite excited and said yes. Within a week they arranged for an interview. The first round consisted of questions on aptitude and English. The English questions were on topics like antonyms, synonyms, articles, choose the right word, correct the sentence etc. 

Let me give you some examples here: 
Find the mistake - 
Why some people don’t get (1)/what they deserve (2)/ and why others get what they don’t deserve (3)/ is a matter decided by luck. (4)/ No error (5)

Mahatma Gandhi did not solve (1)/ all the problems of the future (2)/ but he did solve (3)/ problems of his own age (4)/ No error (5)

Choose the correct word
The unification of two countries 500 years back acted as a catalyst, -------- a flowering of new roman culture.
1. triggering 2. describing 3. suspending 4. polarizing 5. symbolizing

Correct the sentence- 
Because of his ill health, the doctor has advised him (not to refrain) from smoking. 
a.) to not refrain from b.)to resort to c.)to refrain from d.)to be refrained from e.)No correction required. 


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