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DRDO Placement – Interview Questions

• Which are your favourite subjects?

• Certain questions based on the subject you chose as you’re favourite.

• What is your understanding of FSK?

• How will you generate a FSK

• What was the IC name used in your lab?

• What do you understanding by coding?

• What is your understanding of frequency used as a key in FSK?

• Are you aware about VCO, if yes, explain?

• Why do you need to do coding?

• What is a PSK?

• State the differences between PSK and FSK while explain which one is better and why.

• Where all can you use FSK and PSK?

• SNR is the abbreviation of?

• Highlight the difference between microprocessor and microcontroller?

• How will you process an 8 bit microprocessor and 16 bit microprocessor?

• What is the full form of GSM and CDMA?

• Question on family and educational background were also asked.

• You may also experience some counter questions based on the answers you provide to the interviewer.


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