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Aricent technical questions from past

Aricent technical questions from past
Following are some of the technical questions that have been asked at Aricent in the previous years. You can expect to see some of them either in the written test or in the technical interview round. 

1. State the difference between x3 and x[3].

2. Tell the difference between dynamic as well as non - dynamic data structures.

3. Identify the error in the following C statement:
Integer x[8], i;
for (i = 0; i < = 8; ++i)
x[i] = i;

Will the error be defected? If so when?

4. By using C language input a date into it and if it is right?

5. How will you do beta testing?

6. Explain implementation and how is it different from conversion?

7. While doing software selection, what are the main criteria that you got to keep in mind?

8. In C++ what is the meaning of data hiding?

9. Explain function prototypes.

10. Tell me how many ways are there to initialise an integer with a constant.

11. Explain what pure virtual function is?

12. Why does network standardisation carry so much importance?

13. In oracle there is column command, how will you explain that?

14. State any two functions of oracle?

15. What is degree of a relation?

16. How will you calculate the depth of a binary tree if the tree contains 15 nodes?

17. Why are port addresses shorter than IP addresses?

18. Is it necessary for the port addresses to be unique? Explain with reason.

19. Why is digital communication better than analogue communication?

20. Describe Operating system?

21. What are the different functions of an operating system?

22. Explain IPC.

23. Explain a heavy weight process?

24. OSI Model: Draw a figure.

25. Explain heap and queue.

26. Write a program to implement queue.

27. State the difference between realloc and free.


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