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TCS Placement Paper and Experience

Getting a job at one of the top software companies of India was the dream of 80% students of our batch. A lot of software companies come to our campus and TCS is one of the big ones. We had heard about the work environment and security at TCS, so when we heard that TCS is coming to our campus, we started preparing well to make the best of this opportunity. 

The slection process for TCS consists of 3 rounds: 

a.) Written test - Quantitave and Reasoning. 
b.) Technical Interview
c.) HR Interview

Written test consisted of questions on quantitative aptitude and reasoning. Practice with the online quantitative tests and look at the time you take to answer the questions. Time manamgement and understanding the questions quickly is a key to succeed in the written test at TCS. Focus on the data you really need answer the question. In our paper, there were 35 questions to be solved in 60 minutes. 

Technical interview was mainly about the basic topics we study at college level. It is also important to have a general know how of the latest development in the technical world. Collect some information on these latest technologies also during your preparations. 

My HR interview lasted for around 15 minutes where in they asked me some behavioual and situational questions. Some of the questions I faced are: 

- Introduce yourself. 
- Your score in BE is lesser in comparison to 10th and 12th class. Why?
- What would you do if you are not selected in this test?
- Suppose, fire breaks out in the company where you are working, what would you do?
- How can youadd value to our company if you are selected?

Our result was displayed on the board around 8 p.m. in the evening. 2 more friends from group were selected in the interview and after that it was a night of celebrations. 

I hope my experience helps other candidates aspiring to make it to TCS. 

Good luck


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