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Flextronics Placement Papers - Technical Questions

The selection process of Flextronics consists of technical questions. It has been observed that there are about 20 questions asked in this section.

Here are a few questions asked in the written test of Flextronics: 

1. What is the last stage of TTL NAND Gate called?

2. Explain the method used for Disk searching?

3. State the advantages of SRAM over DRAM?

4. Explain what id DHCP used for?

5. Explain the characteristics of operational amp?

6. What is the last stage of TTL NAND gate is called?

7. Explain the complexity to access name from the given double link list?

8. The sliding window is in which layer?

9. How can symmetric multiprocessing be done?

10. Explain what is Scheduling Preemptive?

11. Explain what is I/O redirection?

12. Define Context Sensitive Grammar

13. In recursion, which is a good way of representing variables?

14. Explain what is balanced tree?

15. Explain the methods used for disk searching?

16. Explain the Shannon Theorem?

17. Explain what is garbage theorem?

18. What is checksum in IP packet?

19. Explain the features of C++?

20. Explain the difference between synchronous and asynchronous transmission?

21. Explain the difference between IRET and RET statements of 8086?

22. Explain what is path testing?

23. In a packet in the IP Header, what is used to track time limit?

24. Explain the process of hashing?

25. What is ARP used for?

26. Explain the limitation of the Pulse Code Modulation?


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