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Genpact Campus Placement - Technical Questions from previous years

Here are a few questions asked in the technical round of Genpact during last some years:

1. State the difference between Truncate and Delete?

2. Explain the difference between DBMS and RDBMs?

3. Explain what is Recursion Function?

4. Explain what is abstract class?

5. Explain what is DBMS?

6. What is meant by inheritance?

7. Explain the difference between C and C++?

8. Explain what is a stack?

9. Explain what is an Assembly?

10. Explain what are class access modifiers?

11. Explain what is serialization?

12. Explain what is the purpose of Normalization?

13. Explain what are access specifies?

14. Explain what are library functions?

15. Explain the difference between DML and DLL?

16. Explain the difference between primary key and unique key?

17. Explain the use of Cursor?


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