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Cognizant Interview Experience - Bangalore, 3 April 2016

I have got mail through AMCAT. I am from EI branch. It is followed by TR & HR


TR: Tell me about yourself?
Me: Told.

TR: What is meant by Electronics?
Me: Told, but he is not satisfied.

TR: What is SSDLC?
Me: Don't gives any hint, don't know the answer accurately.

TR: Write a query to eliminate duplicates in a table?
Me: Told, through DISTINCT.

TR: What is pointers? And what are its advantage?
Me: Told.

TR: Is JDBC directly connected to ODBC (as I have mentioned Java in CV)

I have brushed up too many soft skills but the key is candidates from another branch should prepare their subjects & technical concepts because they don't check how proficient you are in any soft skill, otherwise how much confident you are in your field of  study. So prepare well from your branch. 

Best of luck.


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