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IBM Interview Experience - GREATER NOIDA, October 18, 2015

Hello friends, this is my worst interview experience of my life. So don't be panic yet I have learnt something from this interview, and I hope you should follow my this experience, my name is Armaan, B.Tech final year, I am from Galgotia College.

IBM Company organised placement, and it has two criteria. Semester aggregate marks 65%, and there is no current backlog and I was fully eligible for this job and in my college total 220 candidate are eligible for this job.

Company organised two test: Aptitude (18 question) - per question 2.15 min, 

W.S.R test (physicometric test) and then technical+HR.

In aptitude question were tricky and simple. It is just a basic maths (using of addition, sub, mul, and division), total 150 student were cleared this exam and as I was one of then. Then now the time of w.s.r test in which total (100 question) was given and there is no time limit. It is just a personality test and 125 student had cracked this exam. Now the time of interview IBM's counselor after gave me a coupon code which is used in overall placement process. Next day was interview and they called me at 8.00 AM. I went proper time where all the candidate waiting for some time, after waiting 7 hours, they called my name for interview process. I was quietly exhaust and nervous and I went to interviewer cabin.

ME: May I come in sir?

HR: Yes Armaan, come in.
ME: Thank you sir.

HR: Well Armaan, what is your stream?
ME: Sir electronics and communication.

HR: Why do you want to choose an IT field?
ME: Sir, first of all I really interested in this field as I done some courses like C, Java, Android app development, HTML coding, Web designing.

HR: What do you learn from android app development?
ME: Sir I learnt how to create an apps in android.

HR: How?
ME: (guys I wanna tell you this is very long procedure for creating a new app), but I started to tell him, when I was telling then his expression is quietly different. It seems that he was taking no more interest on me. And he cut my answer and ask another question.

HR: Tell me something about yourself?
ME: Told.

HR: He asked me some question on my project.
ME: Told.

Guys on the answering time always laugh and make the environment on that time such that you are fully confident.

HR: Well Armaan, if I will hire you, then what will you do new things for IBM?
ME: Told.

HR: Armaan, if you doing a project, and you are a leader, and there are my member in your group on which two member are not performing the task, then what you will do on that time?
ME: Told.

As I am confident on that time but I am nervous as my communication skill is not good. So I was answering not proper well.

HR: Do you have any query?
ME: Told.

Then he said to me, now you may go while exiting from HR cabin. I understood that I will not select, as 70 candidate are selected and my name is not in the list.

But after a sudden moment I will think that IBM can never hire a lot of people like this and afterwards I confirmed that it is just a IBM BPO job. So guys before sitting in any company be confirmed regarding job profile.


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