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IBM Interview Experience - Visakhapatnam, 2015

Hi friends.

Here is my experience with IBM on campus placement.

This is a 3 step process.

Step 1: Basic math.

Step 2: Basic English (letter writing and grammar).

Step 3: Interview.

Starting with the IBM placement written exam, it's basic math with series problems and normal math question. After getting selected in this round 1, you will have 2nd round of English testing skills which includes business letter format, active or passive voice ques, etc.


HR: Hello Tejaswi, how are you?

Me: Hi sir, I'm good. How are you?

HR: I'm good. Take your seat.

Me: Thank you sir.

HR: So big name? What's it?

Me: Told.

HR: Impressed, very nice name.

Me: Thank you sir.

HR: You are from CSE?

Me: Yes sir.

Hr: Why CSE?

Me: Told reason (Impressed).

HR: Can you write any program in C?

Me: Yes sir.

HR: What is the biggest program you coded so far and why?

Me: Told.

HR: What are the different errors you came across?

Me: Told.

HR: Okay, what are your goals?

Me: Told.

HR: Great. So, can you execute any C program without solving an error?

Me: No sir and told in what cases we can execute.

HR: Your biggest two achievements?

Me: Told.

HR: Good job. Do you think achieving goal is important or how you achieve is important?

Me: Sir, how we achieve is important because taking right decisions at the right moment of time itself decides our fate.

HR: Good thinking. You are a team leader how do you solve issues in your team?

Me: Told. (Confidently explained why I am the team lead).

HR: How do you change silent members?

Me: Told.

HR: Okay. On what basis do you select the best code?

Me: Time and space complexity and explained with an example.

(Also a few technical question were asked which are considerably easy to handle with).

HR: Do you have any question to ask me?

Me: No sir. (Recommended to ask. If no, need not worry this doesn't have any impact on your interview).

HR: Nice Tejaswi, have a nice day.

Me: Thank you very much sir.

Friends, I would only suggest one point. Whatever you do in your interview is completely in your hands. Be confident, have smile and do proper acknowledgement when the HR poses questions.



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