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IBM Placement Pattern - Goa, September 28 & 29, 2015

Hey, let me walk you all through my interview experience with IBM. The first day of the 2-day IBM placement session consisted of the company presentation which lasted about an hour and a half after which were scheduled the online tests. 

First module of the online test consisted of 18 questions on number series and 18 questions on quantitative aptitude. Each individual question had a time limit of 2 mins, 15 seconds with the timer displayed on the screen. For number series, practice as many questions as possible from various sites online including IndiaBix. For quantitative aptitude, give more priority to questions on certain topics. What I suggest according to the questions that I encountered, are the following topics:

1) Time, Speed and Distance.
2) Time and Work.
3) Ratio and Proportion.
4) Averages.
5) Profit and Loss.
6) Probability.
7) Percentages.

The students who cleared this test were qualified for the second module of the online tests which was an online communication test by Kenexa. Out of 200, around 96 students cleared the first test and I was one of them. 

The second test was a basic test on English language and grammar which consisted of 22 questions in 20 minutes time frame. Stay well-versed with business letter formats, business e-mail formats, active and passive voice, pronouns, use of commas, conjunctions, direct and indirect speech etc. For this test, I suggest going through various practice questions online. Out of 96 students, 45 were selected and I was one of them. 

The second day consisted of the interview round. Technical as well as HR questions were asked. Prepare a few basic questions very well such as "tell me about yourself", "why IBM", "Why do you want to work in IT domain (if you are from an ECE background)". Also brush up your technical knowledge, prepare for questions on your project and stay well-versed with the latest innovations by IBM. If you have cleared the online tests then you are 90% an IBM'er. Just make sure you do not mess up the interview and stay confident. All the best!!


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