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L&T Infotech Interview Experience - V.S.B Engineering College, Karur(Off-campus).

Hello folks,

I'm happy to share my Interview experience. There are totally 5 rounds of interview, this might sound difficult but you can easily clear the rounds if you are well prepared !

The rounds are :

1. Online test.

AMCAT pattern, with sectional cut-off.

Aptitude, Verbal, Logical (each 20 questions).

2. Group Discussion.

Please note people we are asked to discuss about a topic it must not go like a debate. Because in my team people were rushing like something and a whole lot of 'em were eliminated. Please make your point precise and loud !.

3. Essay writing.

Quite an easy round. But the essay you write may be read during your HR round.

4. Technical Interview.

Please be clear with your area of interest. Do know all the details you fill in your resume, your resume is your question paper I swear !. The Interviewer who came for me was a Project Manager so he asked me questions like, Giving me an idea and asked how would I implement them in my way. Be sure and confident with your answers that is more important. They even ask some basic programs in C language like.

* Palindrome.
* Fibonacci series.
* Armstrong number.
* Find the greatest number etc.

5. HR Interview.

A pretty easy round, there may hardly be any elimination out of 10 may be one may get rejected may be that also if they fail to perform, Otherwise it's cool guys !.
It was really a pleasure to be a part of L&T Infotech.

This was the fourth interview for me guys, so don't lose hope if anything goes wrong.

All the best !


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