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CTS Interview Experience - Hyderabad, November 16 2015

First round was as usual written test.

Second round was technical round.

This is the most harassing round for me.

In the first question, he was in normal mood and asked me,

Sir: What do you prepared for this interview?
Me: I learned how to present myself in this short span of time.

He asked that's all. Ok, you can leave.



Sir: He asked some questions regarding C language.
Me: Just I was in shock, Ok I covered it to some extend.

Sir: Why you such kind of people come to attend an interview for time pass?
Me: I am answering to your questions sir, ask me some more if you did satisfied.

Finally he was in irritation and said to me ok you can leave!!

Don't know what to do, stayed there it self and started telling about my project. After some question asked and again said me to leave.

This time I left. After 15 min they came and said you cleared the technical round.

(Guys this was a pressure round, and I remained tried some thing that's reason I was selected)

Followed by a simple HR round and YES got into CTS.


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