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L&T INFOTECH Interview Experience - MUMBAI 17th September, 2015


I am sharing my experience of L&T Infotech. I am from KJSCE, Vidyavihar. This company visited our college on 17th September 2015. I am EXTC student. There were 5 rounds and every round was an elimination round.

1) Aptitude test (3 sections: Quantitative, Logical and Verbal (20 questions each))
For aptitude test I prepared from IndiaBix and trust me guys it was very very helpful, thank you IndiaBix. The main and important sections are trains, profit &loss, pipes&cisterns, time-work, time distance, probability, simple interest, etc.

60 students appeared for aptitude test and 27 were selected. I was one of them.

2) Group discussion. 

Topic was is co-education good or bad? There were 12 students and 4 were selected. I was one of them. My suggestion is if you don't understand the topic then wait for other people to speak up & then put in your points & get into the discussion. Always try to start the discussion so that the examiner will come to know about your leadership quality. Jump into the discussion with new points.

3) Paragraph writing. (non elimination round)

4) Technical Interview.

The person was very friendly. He asked me about my projects, basics of Java, and gave me real life situation and asked me how to solve it technically. Be thorough with the basics.

5) HR interview.

She asked to introduce myself and asked me about relocation.

Results were announced after two days and I was selected.

That's it guys.

All the best.


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