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Indian Business Machines Interview Experience - Visakhapatnam, August 21, 2015

Hai All, I attended IBM interview for associate systems engineer in IBM-GBS.

Process took 2 days. Total 3 rounds will be there.

On first day two written tests are conducted.

First Round: This is Aptitude Test (18 questions from quant and 18 questions from numer series). Each question having 2.15 minutes time. Timer will be displayed. We can use system calculator. We cannot go to previous question if once you click next. To clear this go through R. S. Agarwal text book, m4maths previous questions, and Indiabix previous questions these are more than enough. Thorough with formulas. Maximum questions will be from percentages, Profit and Loss, Averages, Ratio and progression, time and distance, time and work. Be thorough with these topics at-least. For number series practice from R. S. Agaarwal text book and previous questions from m4maths that is more than enough. Here time management is main factor.

After this round maximum elimination takes place.

2nd round: This is Business communication written test. Here there are 22 questions and time limit will be 20 minutes. This is section wise timer. No timer will be displayed on screen. Questions are from active voice and Passive voice, Direct and Indirect speech, Business letter and business Email Format and rule, Some true or false questions, error correction questions. This is very easy to crack.

3rd Round: Interview round (HR+TR). This round complexity depends upon person who is interviewing us. For men only technical questions were asked. To some of my friends only hr questions are asked like tell me about yourself, what is the innovative thing that you have done in your life.

For me,

ME: May I come in sir.

HR: Come in, Please sit.
ME: Good morning sir.

HR: Good morning, what is the degree you are pursuing.
ME: Told.

HR: Tell me about list of your subjects in last year.
ME: Told.

HR: Asked questions on operating systems topics, file structures related, asked me to write program.

ME: I wrote program what he asked and that is partially correct.  (He pointed out my mistake). I answered maximum questions he asked.  (You may not know every question. So don't get tensed even if you don't know the answer. Be bold).

HR: OK, You swathi you are done. All The Best. You can go.
ME: Thank you sir.

He interviewed me for 30 minutes. For some of my friends interview took place for only 5 minutes. So it depends upon person who interviews.

Got result after waiting for a long time till everyone finished their interview. I got selected I am an IBMer now. ALL THE BEST. Be confident.


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