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Infosys Interview Experience - Guntur, JKC off-campus drive 8-1-2016

Hello friends,

I am sai from ECE branch. Narasaraopeta Engineering college, I am selected for infosys,
I attended Infosys. This is my first company interview through JKC Off-campus.

So, I post my interview experience with you.
Basically there two round selection procedure 1st is online test and 2nd is HR+technical round.

In the online test there are 3 section Aptitude, English, Reasoning. There are sectional cutoff also in each section so be careful about that. The online test level is average aptitude and reasoning is simple but English is hard. After the online test interview take place. It is quit easy.

Written exam has 3 categories.

1. Aptitude - 10 questions 35 minutes.
2. Reasoning - 15 questions 25 minutes.
3. Verbal - 40 questions 35 minutes.

The main areas of the test is follows.

1. Test-Section I/Arithmetic Reasoning and Analytical Thinking - 25 minutes - 15 questions.

- Data interpretation - 5 questions.
- Syllogisms - 5 questions.
- Data sufficiency - 5 questions.

2. Test-Section II/ Mathematical Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning - 35 minutes - 10 questions.

- Permutation and Combination - 2 questions.
- Alligation or Mixture - 1 question.
- Number series - 1 question.
- Cryptarithmetic - 1 question.
- Puzzle - 5 questions.

3. Test Section III/Test of Communicative English - 35 minutes - 40 questions.

- Critical Reasoning/Theme Detection.
- Fill in the Blanks.
- Sentence Correction.
- Reading Comprehension.

Preparing Infosys previous papers is sufficient for this drive. Totally 1800 members wrote the written exam. Out of them 96 students were qualified.

Next is Technical and H.R interview.

Me: May I come sir.

Sir: Come and sit.
Me: Thankyou Sir.

Sir: Tell me what is the Processor (they directly asked technical questions).
Me: Told.

Sir: You know the Block diagram.
Me: Yes sir.

Sir: Can you draw the block diagram of M.P.
Me: I was drawn some part and said its very time taken to draw its sir I will say interconnections of M.P in imaginary manner.

(I feel tension becs don't say I can't or don't say opp to HR but I said).

Sir: OK give me pictorial info in visually.
Me: Told.

Sir: Tell me the diff types of signals.
Me: Told.

Sir: Tell me txion modes.
Me: Told.

(give the info clearly old generation device future then they impress).

Sir: Tell me relation bw B.W and sgl without introducing freq.
Me: Told.

They asked nearly 25 questions and I was answered 23.

And they asked 6 questions from c and k go you answer very well.

See friends if T.R was asked only 3-4 questions then your chance to get job is very less.

In HR they asked less questions like.

Hr: You're from ECE why you're come to this job.
Me: Told.

Hr: Why should I hire you.
Me: Told.

Hr: Why infosys not other comp your prefer.
Me: Told.

Hr: Why you're interested it.
Me: Told.

Try to cover the HR read some information about the company.

Thank you friends.

After the HR out of 96 students 74 members was selected.


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