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IBM Interview Experience - Mysore, August 13, 2015


It was great to clear each hurdle and get selected to IBM. The drive was for the associate system engineer in IBM-BGS.

On day one, we had 2 rounds - aptitude and communication skills online test.

Aptitude has 2 sections- number series and quantitative apti.

I felt number series was more difficult than quantitative apti. So, before you take up the IBM online test, practice at-least 100 to 200 number series questions..

Quanti covered the major topics like percentage, ratio and proportion, chain rule in RS agarwal, problem on depreciation and appreciation..if you are strong with high school maths basic concepts clearing apti isn't too difficult.. Each ques had 2:15 mins.. It was an adaptive test where the next question depends on how fast you answered the previous question..earlier you answer more difficult you get..

Those who cleared apti had the next round.. This round also had objective type questions.. To clear this you need be clear about business letters and business emails.. Where you write the TO address, where u write the date, salutations, what appropriate subject you can use.. Out of 22 questions around 15 were on this topic.. Rest of them were about the use of right tenses, active and passive voice sentence, use of punctuations, preposition, dangling modifier error.

The next round was completely hr..no technical interview..it was a one to one panel.. The HR was friendly..

He asked me usual HR questions.

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. What have you learnt apart from the regular curriculum subjects?
I told him about cloud computing, analytics! He then asked me in detail about them.

3. Asked me about my projects.. What was the adv of our projects.. What modifications can be made to make it better.. How exactly are you implementing this feature.. Why not do it this way...50% of the question in my interview were just about
my projects.. 

4. I had taken part in various technical events.. So he asked about each of the technical event i had mentioned in my resume..

5. Atlast he asked me if I had any questions to ask..

Out of 200 candidates.. 10 of us were selected. All the best.. See you at IBM..:)


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